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About Skinherbs Body wash

Immerse yourself in this Ultra lemon Invigorating Body wash scent of Strawberry as you lather up
with our soap-free SkinHerbs Body Wash. This Body Wash is perfect
to nourish and envelop your skin in softness. The Body Wash is
lightweight and contains Strawberry Extract. Strawberry gives you
hydration and nourishment that makes your skin glow. Strawberries
helps in regenerating new cells and provides elasticity to the skin.
With its healing properties, Shea Butter makes your first line of
defense even stronger. Direct exposure to the sun is always bad for
your skin. Strengthen you sun protection with the miraculous
properties of Shea Butter. The gentle fragrance will leave your
refreshed and revived. Effectively cleanses the body without losing
natural moisture.

How To Use

Usage: Squeeze out a dime-sized amount of Body Wash. Use a wet

washcloth or loofah to apply the body wash from head to toe. Gently

rub your body with the loofah to help clean your skin and remove

dead skin cells. Once you have cleaned your body with the body

wash, use warm or cold water in the shower or bath to rinse off. 

clean towel to gently pat your body until it completely dry. Do not

rub your body dry, as this can irritate your skin.

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