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Product Description 

Introducing the Skin Herbs Aloe Vera & Cucumber Body Lotion, a remarkable product that offers a multitude of benefits for your skin. This body lotion is specifically designed to smoothen and rejuvenate your skin, resulting in a more youthful appearance. Enriched with the goodness of Aloe Vera and Cucumber extract, it effectively reduces irritation, redness, and other skin problems caused by sun exposure.


How To Use

  1. Squeeze some body lotion into your palms. It needs to be the size of a large coin if you’re looking to cover your entire body (this includes arms, legs, feet, stomach, shoulders, and chest).
  2. Warm the lotion between your palms by rubbing them together.
  3. Begin by massaging the lotion on your body in small circular motions. You might need a little extra lotion around your knees and elbows since those areas tend to be even drier.
  4. Keep topping up, as you move along. Make sure you moisturize every part of your body properly. Repeat this process once every day, after a shower.



  • Enriched with Aloe Vera and Cucumber extract to soothe irritation and rejuvenate skin
  • Lightweight, fast-absorbing formula moisturizes without feeling greasy
  • Smoothest and softens skin for a more youthful appearance
  • Reduces redness and inflammation caused by sun exposure

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